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Highlights :: Kathryn + Jonathan’s Engagement at Swasey Park and Phillips Exeter Academy Boathouse in New Hampshire :: with Graham

Kathryn + Jonathan are adorable. They met up with our amazing photographer Graham for some truly wonderful engagement photos and we love them! Here is what Kathryn has to say about meeting and falling in love with Jonathan :: Jonathan and I met in college. We had an Ethics class together and I sat in front of Jonathan. We instantly noticed each other but did not finally build up the courage to speak to one another until 1/2 way through the semester. One night out at the our local college bar, we finally spoke to one another and exchanged numbers. Jonathan took me out on our first date to a “nice” dinner at Chipotle followed by shopping for a Halloween party. The rest is history and we have been together going on 6 years.  :: K + J we are so happy for you both and we can’t wait for your wedding! xoxo

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