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Highlights :: Katherine + Erik’s Wedding at the Engine Room in Monroe, GA :: With Chad and Tina

At OLAS one of our very favorite things is getting to know our couples before we even point a camera at them!  We adore love stories and Katherine + Erik’s story is just plain adorable. They met at Camp All- American the summer of 2013. Katherine noticed Erik immediately as the good looking soccer coach. (so sweet!) But y’all the best part of this story is Erik’s pick up line to get Katherine’s attention. He said ” You know you have a bunch of freckles on the back of your legs?” her response is even better ” Thank you Captain Obvious!” After some persuading and a few much better pick up lines they agreed to go out. The rest is history.

Katherine + Erik’s vintage Wedding and Reception were held at Monroe, Ga’s Engine Room and our lovely photographer duo Chad and Tina were there for every second! Not only are Katherine + Erik stunningly gorgeous they are two of the sweetest, kind souls we have ever met. We truly love the tender sweet ways that they admire each other! Just look at Erik’s face when he sees Katherine for the first time in their intimate first glance. A truly once in a lifetime moment and we adore it.  We also admire the unique way that Katherine chose to honor her sweet Grandmother. Katherine’s wedding band is the same one her Grandmother wore when she was a WWII war bride! Katherine, your ring shines for miles!! Following their warm, sweet ceremony the couple celebrated the night away with their friends and family. And what a fun party it was!

Katherine + Erik we adore you both and wish you a lifetime of smiling together!! All our love. xoxo

Ceremony/ Reception: The Engine Room | Cake: Cecilia’s Cakes |Caterer: Simply Catering | DJ: Josh Whitlock | Invitation: Occasionally Yours

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