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Highlights :: Kate + Brian’s Wedding at Glen Magna Farms in Danvers, MA :: with Graham

At what point did you feel most joyful on your wedding day  ::  Right after we recessed down the aisle and veered into the garden for a few last pictures. It was the last second where it was just Brian and I and our bridal party before the reception started and everyone wanted to talk to us. We actually had done it. We got married and it was actually perfect. All the stress was over and we could just relax and coast into married life together!

Describe how you felt right before you walked down the aisle  ::  I was a little nervous because people would be looking at me and I don’t like a lot of attention. But as soon as I rounded the corner I was cool. I saw Brian and not really anyone else. At that point I was just ready to walk down the aisle!

Kate + Brian, we think you guys are fantastic. We adore your sweet wedding!! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: Glen Magna Farms | Florist :: Lilac and Lily | Cake :: Jenny Cakes | Caterer :: Fireside Catering | Entertainment :: String Trio Czone & DJ :: Five Star Events | Officiant :: Jared Kirk | Wedding Dress :: Essence of Australia | Shoes :: Kristin Cavalleri | Hair & Make-up :: Demiche Beaute | Invitations :: Wedding Paper Divas | Transportation :: Local Motion | Wedding Planner :: Paula Marrero | Hair piece :: Jules’s Bridal Jewelry and Hair Adornments | Seed Packet :: Design Megmichelle | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Davids Bridal | Groomsmen Attire :: Men’s Wearhouse 

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