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Highlights :: Kara + Parker’s Wedding at the Wesleyan School Chapel and the Sugarloaf Country Club in Duluth, GA :: with Anna

Is it possible to get married at the place where you first met your “true love?” Yes, Kara + Parker did!! These two met at the Wesleyan School Chapel in 2006, so what better spot to have their ceremony?! Even the groom’s brother was engaged at this church! Holy moly, there is some family history at this place. After their lovely ceremony, their reception was held at the Sugarloaf Country Club. Now, Kara graduated from Baylor University in Texas, so she wanted to incorporate those rustic texas years into the reception. So, K + P had all the rustic charm of Texas as well as the classy/sophisticated feel from the country club, it was a beautiful mix! She even had her cowboy boots on! These two were totally meant for each other and we are so happy they got hitched! Here is a bit about how they met:

Parker and Kara know that they crossed each other’s paths due to God’s incredible plan for their lives and some crazy family connections. It all started when Kara’s brother, Tyler, and Parker’s cousin, Carter, became best friends in Kindergarten. Thirteen years later, in the fall of 2006, Parker and Kara first met when Parker transferred to Wesleyan School. The two knew each other because of Tyler and Carter, however, the timing for them wasn’t just right. After graduating high school, Parker went to school in Florida at FSU, and Kara went to Baylor in Texas. After finding jobs back home, both moved back to the Atlanta area. In the meantime, Kara’s sister, Kelsey, and Parker’s sister, Sydney, pledged the same sorority at UGA in 2009 and made the connection that Tyler and Carter were friends. In March of 2013, Parker and Kara both visited their sisters in Athens, Georgia during UGA’s Parent’s Weekend. Parker and Kara were excited to get to catch up and spend time together. Little did they know, after a few phone calls, a first date at Tin Lizzy’s, and many more dates to follow, they would look back on that weekend in March and realize it was the beginning of their love story.

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