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Highlights :: Kalle + Jake’s Wedding at Peachtree Road United Methodist and The Wimbish House in Atlanta, Ga :: with Noi

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::   I had several wedding day moments that were truly incredible, but here are a few that stick out! The feeling when Jake and I were pronounced husband and wife and walked back down the church sanctuary aisle with the organ music playing. It was an electric feeling! I also loved our first dance. We’d been taking dance lessons for several weeks and surprised our friends and family with a really fun and romantic dance!

What is the one moment from your wedding day that you want to remember10 years from now  ::  I really want to remember how I felt when the church sanctuary doors opened and my Dad started to walk me down the aisle. I had been so nervous the thirty minutes leading up to that, I was shaking! But when the doors opened and I saw Jake at the other end of the aisle, I felt much calmer and was so excited to get married! Walking down the aisle felt like a dream, it was so magical!!

One word that best describes your wedding  ::  Wonderful!!!!

Kalle + Jake, we totally think your wedding was wonderful! All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony :: Peachtree Road United Methodist Church | Reception :: The Wimbish House | Florist :: Flowers From Us | Cake :: Frosted Pumpkin | Caterer :: Bold American Events | Entertainment :: Marquee Events | Officiant :: Rev. Bill Britt | Wedding Dress :: Allure Bridals | Hair & Make-up :: Blend Beauty Group | Invitations & Programs :: Wedding Paper Divas | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Alfred Angelo | Groomsmen Attire :: Savvi Formalwear








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