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Highlights :: Joy + Ben’s Wedding at Smyrna First United Methodist Church and The Bill Moore Student Success Center in Atlanta, GA :: with Kayla

What was the most surprising thing about your wedding  ::  I know they say it goes by so fast but I was still surprised how fast the day goes by – that’s why you need good photos!!

What was your favorite detail from your wedding day  ::  Riding off in the Ramblin’ Reck at the end of the night!

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  After we were done with the First Dance!

Joy + Ben, thanks for allowing us to be a part of your sweet celebration!! All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony :: Smyrna First United Methodist Church | Reception :: GT Presidents Suite at Bill Moore Student Success Center | Florist :: Floral Creations Florist | Cake :: Perfect Wedding Cake | Caterer :: Proof of the Pudding | Entertainment :: Pirone Entertainment | Hair Stylist :: April Cason





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