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Highlights :: Jessica + Jeremy’s Wedding at First United Methodist Church and The Club at Shoal Creek in Griffin, Ga :: with Nikki

 We have a truly beautiful wedding to share today!! We have been so excited to see these two loves get married ever since their adorable engagement session with Nikki is September! You can find it here if you need a little refresher!

Jessica + Jeremy were married at First United Methodist Church in Griffin, Ga which happens to be the church that Jessica grew up in. How sweet is that? Our amazing photographer Nikki was there to capture all the details and oh boy, the details are out of control awesome!! There are way too many to mention them all so here a few of our favorite things… First, Jessica’s bouquet was really pretty but the thing that makes it so special is that Jessica fastened one of her Mother’s pearls to the wrap around the flowers to carry down the isle as her “something borrowed” which is the sweetest ever. Second,  Jessica really loves giving gifts and decided to give her parents something as a thank you for giving her a spectacular wedding. Their faces when they opened their gifts are priceless. What a sweet family they are!! Last but not least, one of our favorite moments from the day has to be when Jessica and her Dad surprised their guests with a choreographed dance!! Can’t handle it. This family is the best and really know how to have a good time!

Jessica + Jeremy, we adore your wedding and wish you a life full of love!! xoxo

 Ceremony: First United Methodist Church | Reception: Club at Shoal Creek | Florist: Flowers from Us | Cake: Shirley Tyler | Caterer: Two’s Company | Band: Moon Dance | Officiant: Jeremy Beeler | Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Shoes: Badgley Mischka | Hair/ Make-up: Anessa Reid and From Karma Salon | Wedding Planner: Marie Knight | Videographer: B.E.V. Weddings | Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan | Groomsmen Attire: Joseph Feiss -Men’s Warehouse

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