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Highlights :: Jessica + David’s Rehearsal Dinner at DGS Deli & Wedding at The Ritz Carlton in Washington, DC :: with Kait

What is the one moment from your wedding day that you want to remember 10 years from now  ::  The Hora. We will never forget having all of our guests out on the dance floor and being lifted up in chairs. Maybe even more, we will always remember the looks on our parents faces as they went up in the chairs. It was incredible to partake in this old Jewish tradition and so much fun.

One word that best describes your wedding day  ::  The entire weekend was filled with love. Love for each other, our dear friends and our families. It truly was the best weekend of our lives.

What advice would you give to future brides/grooms for their wedding day  ::  Your wedding will go by quickly, so think of the whole weekend as an opportunity to spend meaningful time with your guests. Our wedding was not just the reception. It was everything from a rehearsal dinner with out of town guests, visiting during breakfast at the hotel morning of the wedding, getting ready and spending the day with our wedding parties, a meaningful Havadalah and Ketuba signing, the best ceremony we ever could have imagined, and visiting with guests at brunch on Sunday. Soak in every minute.

Jessica + David, congratulations!! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your amazing celebration. All our Love. xoxo

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