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Highlights :: Jesse + Burke’s Wedding at St John the Evangelist Catholic Church and The Miller Family Home in Frederick, MD :: with Kait

Jesse + Burke’s Maryland wedding is such a wonderful example of what true love looks like. A wise man once said, “Nothing that is worth anything, comes easily.” I guess that wise man – whomever he was – knew a little something about Jesse + Burke, whose story came slowly over a dozen years and a few different phases of life. They met years ago, in high school, when Jesse was the cute girl that went to all the football parties. Burke noticed her of course and asked her out for pizza and ice cream. Fast forward a few years – Jesse + Burke reconnected on facebook and twitter with tons of witty banter. Over the years, the stars never truly aligned for these loves until 2013 when Burke happened to come across Jesse on Tinder. The two have been together ever since and are now married!!! We sure are glad they both swiped right and the stars finally aligned. 

Jesse + Burke, we love your story, your wedding photos and your love!! All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony :: St John the Evangelist Catholic Church | Reception :: Miller Family Home | Caterer :: P.I.G.S catering | Officiant :: Father Kevin Farmer | Dress :: Willowby by Watters | Hair :: Tina Rhinecker | Makeup :: Tracy Olivera | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Bella Bridesmaids | Groomsmen Attire :: Suit Supply



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