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Highlights :: Jenny + Tyler’s Wedding at Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island, SC :: with Nikki

Friday is the perfect day to post Jenny + Tyler’s wedding because these two seem like a barrel of fun! J + T were married on Hilton Head Island at the Sonesta Resort. We just love that Jenny + Tyler had a modern styled wedding. Especially her moss chuppa; an incredible modern take on traditional wedding decor. Jenny dazzled everyone in her San Patrick gown and Tyler was looking quite spruce as they walked around the beautiful grounds with Nikki. Let’s not forget how cute their bridal part looked! The girls got to choose there own cream colored bridesmaid dresses and they looked amazing. The boys looked super posh in their suites, too. As you entered the reception, you were greeted with giant balloons and multicolored seating card shapes that doubled as ornaments. Such a cool idea!!  One of our favorite details were the 4 white on white, modern designed cakes. We can definitely see that everyone at this wedding had a blast and we did too! ENJOY!!

Ceremony, Reception + Caterer: Sonesta Resort Hilton Head | Music: Candace Woodson and the Domino Theory Band | Bride’s Dress: San Patrick | Hair: Justice Mellencamp | Makeup: Heather Ferguson | Wedding Planner: Kelli Corn

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