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Highlights :: Jenna + Nick’s Wedding at Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA :: with Greta

What was the most surprising thing about your wedding  ::  How amazing the venue looked. We got married in a brewery and wanted to keep it rustic, but with a classy touch. We knew it would look nice, but we were shocked at how the brewery was transformed, in a good way. Especially since a friend was doing the décor and we had no idea what her plans were in advance- it was a day of surprise for us.  

What is the one moment from your wedding day that you want to remember 10 years from now  ::  We each wrote our own vows and did not share them with each other before the ceremony. It was such a wonderful moment when we got to read them to each other. Plus, they were quirky and funny, so it helped lighten the mood of our guests. It turns out, that our vows were very similar and my groom ended up starting with the phrase, ‘Thanks for stealing my vows’.

Jenna + Nick, we love love love your wedding photos!!! Congrats, y’all. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Red Brick Brewery | Florist :: Flowering Events | Cake :: A Piece of Cake | Caterer :: Proof of the Pudding | Entertainment :: Mark Letalien | Wedding Dress :: Bravura Fashion | Hair & Make-up :: Syncere Beauty | Invitations & Programs :: Wedding Paper Divas | Wedding Planner :: Jamie Lea Shiver | Purple LED Up lighting :: Matt Clouser | Drape and chair rental :: Peachtree Tents & Events | Table Cloths :: Linen Hero | Bridesmaid Dresses :: ChiChiStyles 

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