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Highlights :: Jenn + Pat’s Wedding at Saint Anselm College Abbey Church and Kimball Jenkins Estate School of Art in Concord, NH :: with Shawon

How did you feel right before you walked down the aisle  :: Before walking down the aisle I was standing outside the church with all of my siblings which was very special. I was very nervous about making the walk down the aisle. Pat agrees that looking back on the day we were both the most nervous right before and during my walk down the aisle. But once we met at the end of the aisle we were instantly relaxed and happy to be with each other.

What is the one moment you want to remember 10 years from now  ::  We want to remember the feeling of looking around and seeing all the people we love from all different aspects of our lives gathered together and dancing all night long!! That was an amazing feeling!

Write a little note of thanks to someone who made your wedding memorable :: Pat and I want to thank our parents for making our day so special. We have incredible role models to look up to and they have provided us with so much love throughout our lives. We can only hope our marriage will be as happy and beautiful as theirs have been.

Jenn + Pat, we think you guys looked stunning on your wedding day and your photos are gorgeous!! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony :: Saint Anselm College Abbey Church | Reception :: Kimball Jenkins Estate School of Art | Florist :: A Whole Bunch Flower Market | Caterer :: Granite Restaurant and Bar | DJ :: DJ Felix Quinones | Officiant :: Father Benet Phillips | Hair Stylist :: Hair by Teri | Make-up Artist :: Kristen Branzetti & Andrea Finnegan | Transportation :: Distinctive Transportation Services | Videographer :: City Point Films | Bridesmaid Dresses :: J. Crew | Groomsmen Attire :: JoS A Bank 

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