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Highlights :: Jamie + Ben’s Engagement in Virginia Highlands and the Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta, Ga :: with Shain

Happy Friday OLAS family! We have the sweetest engagement session to share with y’all. Jamie + Ben, who are very near and dear to our hearts around here (as you’ll soon see why!), met up with our wonderful Shain in the Virginia Highlands Neighborhood of Atlanta and the results are *so* unbelievably cute!! We adore the sweet way that Jamie looks at Ben – that’s what we like to call true love folks! Speaking of true love, we can’t get enough of their love story::

“Ben and I met through a mutual friend at a local bar (…where all great love stories begin, right?). Ben and I hit it off immediately (he is SO FUNNY!) and after a few dates, we were officially a couple! This was in 2009. After about 8 months of dating, I had a quarter life crisis and broke things off (I was 23 at the time.) We spent over 3 years apart.. just growing up. I changed jobs in my company- moved to Boston- moved backed to Atlanta- changed careers- lived solo for a while. Ben changed careers & bought a house in Virginia Highlands. Over the course of those years apart- we still remained friends. Fast forward to fall of 2013… I was on a blind date at El Taco in Virginia Highlands and guess who is seated at the table right beside me? Yep- you guessed it… Ben. We said an awkward “hello” and I introduced Ben to my date who I had known for about 10 minutes. Ben played it cool and g-chatted me the next day to say “hey- welp- that was really awk” (no kidding)… so that opened up the line of communication again. Ben and I started talking more & more.. finally realizing “WOW- this is the way it’s suppose to be.. we’re finally ready to be together.” We’ve been inseparable ever since. Our conversations easily shifted from “if we get married”… to “WHEN we get married.” Life together is just BETTER. I’m not an easy person to surprise (like… at all), but Ben 100% surprised me (in a good way!) by proposing to me on Thanksgiving Day. He was incredibly nervous and incorporated my entire family into the day… I can’t imagine a better & more special way to start the rest of our lives.”

“Life together is just BETTER” — love that so, so much. Jamie + Ben, we adore everything about these photos (and y’all!!) and we can’t wait to see you on your Wedding Day! Welcome to the OLAS family! xoxo


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