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Highlights :: Heather + Steve’s Wedding at The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Schaumburg, IL :: with Isaac

Holy smokes, y’all! Today’s wedding is pure perfection. Heather + Steve met at the end of high school and ended up going to the same college – Illinois State University!! On their 7th anniversary, Steve took Heather back to ISU and proposed to her in the middle of the quad. How sweet is that?! When planning her wedding, Heather said her vision was romantic, magical and elegant like a fairytale. We think Heather, along with her mom/wedding planner, absolutely nailed it. Their celebration was modern and completely romantic!! Each photo of this sweet couple is beyond swoon worthy!

Heather + Steve, we love you both BIG TIME!! Congrats. All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Hyatt Regency Hotel | Florist :: Joyce Grattoni | Cake :: The Baking Institute in Northbrook IL | Entertainment ::  Blue Water Kings | Rabbi :: Jodi Kornfeld | Wedding Dress :: Volle | Shoes :: Betsy Ross | Hair Stylist :: Laura | Make-up Artist :: Ruthe Greenphan | Wedding Planner ::  Jill Jaffe | Videographer :: La Vita Images | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Bella Bridesmaids | Groomsmen Attire :: Mens Warehouse




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