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Highlights :: Heather + Jeff’s Wedding at The Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, GA :: with Josie

Heather + Jeff are some of the best and we are so excited that today we are bringing you their amazing wedding photos!! Heather told us the story of their proposal, we love it so much we just have to share :: Jeff got me good! I am definitely the planner of the two of us, and I told Jeff if he ever planned anything, I would know a proposal was coming. That fall, my friend Katie asked to grab lunch with both Jeff and I and suggested Panera at a shopping center near us. During lunch, I noticed Katie texting a lot, and almost said something to her about it, but didn’t. Little did I know she was coordinating with folks outside. After lunch we saw a marching band across the parking lot. Katie suggested we go over to see what they were doing. This was not suspicious at all as 1. Katie is a band director and likely knew whatever band was playing 2. Jeff and I both marched trumpet in our college marching bands and certainly support fellow band kids. When we walked over, Jeff kept wanting to get closer. He is so tall and I am always extremely self conscious about being rude, I was reluctant to move up. Katie and I walked over to the other side of the band and then all of the sudden the band is moving towards me. I had a freak out moment, thinking I was in the way and I turned to move away quickly. Next Katie is yelling at me, “HEATHER! TURN AROUND!” and Jeff is down on one knee. I was shocked but said “Yes, of course!” while the band played Can You Feel the Love Tonight and Hey Baby. :: What a great proposal story!! And, just wait until you see the photos from their museum themed wedding. They are unbelievably great!!

Heather + Jeff, We love you both, your sweet love, and your amazing wedding photos!! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: Tellus Science Museum | Florist :: A Sister’s Touch | Cake :: Gabriel’s Desserts | Caterer :: Impressions Catering | Entertainment :: The TC Show | Officiant :: Jordan Walker | Wedding Dress :: Essence of Australia purchased from Bel Fiore Bridal | Shoes :: Audrey Brooke | Hair & Make-up :: Melissa & Co. Salon | Wedding Planner :: Holly Lynch | Cake topper :: Host and Toast Studio on Etsy |  Hair piece :: Mod Wedding on Etsy | Bridesmaids sweatshirts : : Vintage Fly Clothing Co on Etsy | Handkerchiefs: Embroidery By Linda on Etsy | Bridesmaid Dresses :: J Crew | Groomsmen Attire :: TRIO Custom Clothiers

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