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Highlights :: Erin + Justin’s Engagement Shoot at Oakhurst in West Point, GA :: with Shain

These two southern sweethearts had a picture perfect engagement session! Erin + Justin are really the definitely of cute, but first, y’all really need to hear the story of how they met:

“Justin and I met three years ago on a blind date. We lived in two separate towns and neither of us were looking for a relationship. He was working as a teacher in a school system close to my home town and I was finishing medical school in Augusta, GA. A family friend of mine worked in the same school system as Justin. She ran into some coaches she knew at a restaurant in my hometown and Justin was there. She introduced herself and asked if he was single. He was taken off guard that a stranger was asking him this during their first conversation but he said yes, and she told him, “I’ve got a girl for you.” He shrugged it off at first but she continued to tell him he needed to meet me over the next month as she ran into him.

She then called me and asked when I would be coming home again and I said I would be home in a couple of weeks. She then told me that she was setting me up on a date when I got home. I also thought she was crazy but I agreed to meet him.

We went out to dinner at a bar/restaurant in LaGrange and watched the Alabama/LSU game. We stayed there for 6 hours talking. From that day on, we continued to talk on the phone and met on weekends for dates. Three months later, we had fallen completely head over heels for each other.”

Yup, we pretty much love these two already and we are waiting on pins and needles for their wedding day!! Woohoo!

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