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Highlights :: Emily + Stuart’s Engagement at Minuteman Park in Concord, MA :: with Graham

Emily + Stuart are simply so, so sweet!! We adore their love story  ::  Stu and I met during our graduate school orientation at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. We were friends for about a semester before we decided to see if there was more to us than just friends. After getting to know each other more while exploring Duke Gardens, eating fried pickles at Tyler’s Taproom, and studying next to one another at the library, we knew we had found something special. At the end of our first year, I spent the summer working in Tanzania. The distance made us realize how much we had come to love one another.  ::  Graham, our New England photographer, did a fantastic job capturing all the love these two have for each other. We can’t wait to watch them tie the knot. xoxo

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