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Highlights :: Emily + Jonathan’s Wedding at Roswell Founders Hall in Roswell, Ga :: with Chad and Tina

What is the one thing you want to remember 10 years from now about your wedding day  ::  The whole day was perfect but two moments really stick out. The first is seeing my husband for the first time during our first look. We weren’t sure if we wanted to to a first look or not at first, but we both are so glad that we did! The whole morning had been so stressful and getting a few moments alone together really calmed our nerves and reminded us what was really important about that day. I will also always remember having all of the people we love out dancin and celebration with us on the dance floor!

What advice would you give to other brides/ Grooms about to get married  ::  Remember to take a few moments to step back and take it all in! The whole day goes by so fast and you want to soak in all of the wonderful memories!

Emily + Jonathan, thank you so much for sharing your love with us!! You guys are incredible and we honored to know you both. Congrats. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: Roswell Founders Hall | Florist :: Stylish Stems | Cake :: Sweet Caroline’s Cakes | Caterer :: Talk of the Town | Harpist :: Julie Albertson  | Entertainment :: Spectrum Entertainment | Officiant :: Rev. Debra Redman | Wedding Dress :: Allure Bridal | Invitations :: Minted | Transportation :: Corporate Transportation, Inc. | Groomsmen Attire :: JoS A Bank

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