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Highlights :: Emilie + Dane’s Wedding at Cathedral of Christ the King and Maggiano’s Buckhead in Atlanta, Ga :: with Katey

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  Walking down the aisle following our wedding Mass was so joyful for us. We had a beautiful celebration, and it was wonderful to see all of our family and friends in one place.​

How’s married life been so far  ::  Married life is amazing. Especially the honeymoon part. Yep, the honeymoon part was really, really fun.

What is your favorite detail from your wedding day  ::  Does my husband count as a detail? He was definitely my favorite thing about our wedding day.

One word that best describes your wedding day  ::  Happy!

Emilie + Dane, your wedding photos make us so, so happy too!! We adore you guys. Congrats, lovebirds! All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony :: Cathedral of Christ the King | Reception & Caterer :: Maggiano’s Buckhead | Florist :: Alpharetta Flower Market | Entertainment :: Yvonne Monet Events | Officiant :: Reverend Monsignor Francis (Frank) G. McNamee | Wedding Dress :: Allure Bridal | Shoes :: Badgley Mischka | Hair Stylist :: Salon Skanda | Invitations & Programs :: Reaves Engraving 

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