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Highlights :: Elizabeth + Martin’s Wedding at Bluemont Vineyards in Bluemont, VA :: with Sharmila

At what point did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  Definitely that first moment we stood together holding hands at our ceremony! We both had grins that we just could not contain! But honestly, our whole wedding was just one joyous moment to the next, which was exactly what we wanted. 

Was there anything your guests really enjoyed  ::  A bunch of our guests commented on how relaxed our wedding day felt, and that’s how we felt too! I think we will always remember how fun and happy the day was, from our short and sweet ceremony, to our choreographed first dance to the country song ‘It Just Comes Natural’, to the amazing gourmet pizza and doughnuts we served! 

Elizabeth + Martin, we love your wedding photos so much! Congrats, y’all. xoxo

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