Highlights :: Elizabeth + Isaac’s Engagement in Downtown Monroe, Ga :: with Kayla

Elizabeth + Isaac have been together for 5 years. These high school sweethearts are so in love and they have a super romantic proposal story!! E + I had plans to go out to dinner with some friends on a Saturday night and Elizabeth was so excited about her new dress and their evening out with friends. Saturday comes and Isaac calls her from the station where he works claiming to have to stay at work and miss dinner. E was bummed but went ahead with her plans with friends and had a great dinner! On the way home however she realizes that they are not going the right direction. Her friend turns on Marry Me by Bruno Mars and hands her a note from Isaac right as the car pulls up to the Gwinnett Heritage Center. When she looked out of the window all of her friends were holding signs that Isaac had made for her. She knew something special was about to happen!! So she walks into all the cheers of her sweet friends and finds a movie of photos that Isaac had made for her and Isaac on one knee. After she said yes (of course!!) Elizabeth looked around and saw that all of her family was there as well!! That is what we call an epic surprise proposal. Elizabeth + Isaac, we love you guys so much!! xoxo


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