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Highlights :: Elise + Michael’s Wedding at Historic Smithonia Farm in Colbert, GA :: with Tyler

Write a note of thanks to anyone that helped make your day special  ::  We want to thank our amazing parents for everything they did to make our big day possible. Without them our big day couldn’t have happened. Also, the vendors we had were so amazing and we will recommend all of them. Tyler – our photographer- was absolutely amazing. He made the entire time about what Michael and I wanted and he made sure he got the shots I requested and some he thought would be great. He wasn’t afraid to do whatever it took to get the job done and we are so thankful for that. Our Florist was absolutely amazing. Not only did Paige handle the flowers, she also helped my mom with the entire design of the venue. I loved absolutely everything Paige and my mom did.

Was their anything your guests really enjoyed  ::  We had a polaroid guest book at the wedding and I think everyone enjoyed that. It was awesome going through the photos of the guests when we got home from our honeymoon.

Elise + Michael, we love you both so much. Congrats, y’all!! xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Historic Smithsonia Farm | Florist :: Page Stinchcomb | Catering :: Simply Catering | DJ :: DJ Mark Maskell | Dress :: I Do I Do | Shoes :: Kate Spade | Invitations :: Minted | Wedding Coordinator: Liz Messick | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Adrianna Papell | Groomsmen Attire :: Jos. A. Banks

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