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Highlights :: Dick + Dana’s Wedding at UNF Herbert University Center in Jacksonville, FL :: with Shain

Was there anything your guests really enjoyed  ::  We got a TON of compliments about our ceremony. We incorporated parts of the traditional Armenian ceremony, including the “Crowning Ceremony,” where the bride and groom get crowned as the Queen and King of their own new family. Everyone came up to us afterwards and told us how special and unique that was. Some people asked if they could include this tradition in their own wedding even if they aren’t Armenian. It was very special for us, and we’re glad the rest of our guests found it so special too. 

What advice would you give to future brides/grooms for their wedding day  ::  Make sure to enjoy every moment. The day goes by very quickly. Take time with just the two of you after the ceremony to personally celebrate your new marriage before joining up with everyone else. 

Dick + Dana, we love you both so much! Thanks for having us at your amazing wedding. Congrats, y’all. xoxo

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