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Highlights :: Deanna + Caleb’s Engagement at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Tyler

Deanna + Caleb are so sweet and clearly so much fun! D + C met through mutual friends during college. Deanna says this of meeting her sweetie  ::  From the very beginning of our journey, we’ve had some colorful, fun adventures. We’ve always dated at a distance, so we had to get creative whenever we were going to see each other and what we were going to do. Caleb is very attentive and found out that I love to paint, so on our second date, he took me to Hobby Lobby where we bought some paints and drove me to the lake in my town, where we painted by the lake and got some awkward sun burns.  :: We adore this sweet story! We can see why these two fell in love so easily. Deanna + Caleb, we love you both big time!! xoxo 

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