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Highlights :: Davis Family’s 1st Birthday Party for Baby Weston :: with Katey

OLAS Family, we hope you are ready for all the adorableness that is heading your way!! Baby Weston is 1!! In case you want to refresh your memory here is Baby W when he was brand new and here he is when he was 8 months old! We have truly LOVED watching this handsome fella grow for the past year!! Baby Weston holds a special place in the heart of all us OLAS gals!!

Now onto the party!! The details are out of his world. That ‘pancake’ cake is amazing and we have it on authority from Katey that it was super delicious as well. Katey did such an amazing job capturing all the details from the party: from Weston and his little friends playing, to some great photos of the Birthday boy and his family! Weston has the world’s cutest cake face ever!!

Davis Family,  We love you all bunches!! xoxo

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