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Highlights :: Danielle + Jason’s Wedding at Cohasset Harbor Resort in Cohasset, MA:: with Shawon

Danielle + Jason are a super cool couple!! When we asked Danielle about how she and Jason met this is what she had to say  :: We were introduced by the groom’s best man, Will. Both Jason and I wanted to open our own CrossFit gyms,Will knew this and connected us (after many failed attempts by myself and Jason!!) We met and literally started putting OUR gym together two weeks later. Two weeks after that we were a couple. We have a very unique relationship: we are literally together every hour of every day. We work together at our gym and live together! I think it takes a special relationship to make that work. It hasn’t always been easy, but if we can get through that, marriage will be a walk in the park!  

Danielle + Jason, you guys are incredible and we absolutely love every single photo from your wedding!! All our Love. xoxo

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