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Highlights :: Danielle + Christopher’s Engagement at World’s End in Hingham, MA :: with Graham

Danielle + Christopher’s Hingham, MA engagement session, with Graham, is one of the best!! Before their session, we asked Danielle how she met her sweetie and we just adore this answer  ::  Chris and I went to high school together. At first we were just friends and then we started dating the end of my senior year in 2008. We have been together ever since!! On September 24th, 2015 Chris asked me to marry him during a walk on the beach after we had dinner at our favorite restaurant. It was a total surprise because it was my birthday and I didn’t expect him to purpose to me then!  :: One of the things we love most about getting to know our brides/grooms is hearing their love story and this is a great one!! Congrats. xoxo

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