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Highlights :: Christy + Caleb’s Wedding at The Bascom Museum in Highlands, GA :: with Shain

When the groom is rocking American flag suspenders, cuff links AND a bow tie, y’all know this is going to be an amazing wedding! Christy + Caleb really are just two sweet for words. Their wedding day was as elegant as it was fun and so full of personality! A traditional ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Highlands, GA with all the trimmings of Christmas around. Christy’s father was absolutely adorable as he walked up to the church holding her veil and dress. Then as he walked her down the aisle, you can see that he was such a proud dad! After the “I do’s,” our photographer, Shain, got some lovely shots of C + C by the William Henry Stevens Bridge. I don’t know about y’all, but I am just in love with covered bridges! As the night progressed, the fun increased! Both Christy + Caleb were dancing like there was no tomorrow, stretching those American flag suspenders and having a ball! We are overjoyed for these two and wish them all the best!!

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church | Reception: The Bascom Museum

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