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Highlights :: Christina + Chad’s Wedding at Woodmont Christian Church and the Parthenon Nashville in Nashville, TN :: with Isaac

There is so much to say about this wedding and I am bursting at the seems to tell y’all! Ok, where do I start…well, if you don’t already remember Christina + Chad, here is their super cute engagement session: Christina + Chad’s Engagement

Christina + Chad’s will knock your socks off. Most black tie weddings are super classy, but this is on a whole new level, I would call this wedding, the Royal Affair. Super elegant, so much style, and SO much fun!! After a gorgeous ceremony at Woodmont Christian Church they headed to the Parthenon Nashville, a jaw dropping venue that could only hold weddings that are as equally fantastic. Their colors were black and gold, which looked SO regal! And get this… their cake was lowered into the reception from the ceiling…no joke! I could go on forever about these two,  but the photos say it all! ENJOY!

Ceremony: Woodmont Christian Church | Reception: Parthenon Nashville

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