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Highlights :: Chris + Stephanie’s Wedding at Empire State South in Atlanta, Ga :: with Kayla

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that helped to make your day special  ::  Megan, You made our wedding day much more than a traditional day- you made it unique to us. You captured the love that has made Chris and I the couple we are. You are extremely talented and delivered much more than a wedding coordinator and designer has to and for that reason, and many others, we must call you a friend.

One word to sum up your wedding day  ::  Romance! Everything was romantic: our ceremony seating arrangement, our floating flowers in bud vases, our dim lighting, our unstructured flowing decor.

Favorite detail from your wedding  ::  The lack of cake cutting/first dances/speeches allowed for a party-like atmosphere instead of a gathering with a giant to-do list. It was so relaxed and fun. – Chris

Chris + Stephanie, we absolutely adore you guys and your romantic wedding photos! All our Love. xoxo

​Ceremony & Reception :: Empire State South | Florist & Wedding Planner :: Megan Seaton | Entertainment :: Emerald Empire Band | Officiant :: Tony Le | Wedding Dress :: Maggie Sottero | Hair Stylist :: Van Michael | Make-up Artist :: Corie Messer | Invitations & Programs :: Minted 

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