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Highlights :: Chloe + Brian’s Engagement at Milo McIver State Park in Estacada, OR :: With Ashley and Kellen

Today’s engagement photos are straight out of a dream. For real.

Chloe + Brian met up with our dynamic duo photographers Ashley and Kellen at Milo McIver State Park outside of Portland, Oregan. Get ready to pick your mouth up off the floor. These photos are beyond amazing. We literally gasped looking at them for the first time. Chloe is gorgeous,  Brian is super handsome and combined the results are out of this world!! If we named all of the things we are obsessed with about these photos we’d be writing a novel so instead we will just list a few of our favorite things… red rain boots, the beautiful rivers, the fog (oh my gosh, the fog!!), the flower crown,  and most importantly the sweet way that C + B look at each other. Love is radiating from each of them and our hearts are so happy.

Chloe + Brian, we are obsessed with every single photo! See you soon and we can’t wait!! xoxo

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