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Highlights :: Chelsie + Eric’s Wedding at Tennessee River Place in Chattanooga, TN :: with Jen

So, Eric and I met in the Dominican Republic where we serve with a ministry called Students International. He has lived here close to 4 years and me close to 3 (and we still currently live here as a married couple now!) We both wanted our wedding to let those we love back home get to know our lives here in the DR. One of our ministers was a close mentor/friend from the DR (one of my bridesmaids translated for him), our food was Dominican style chicken rice and beans and we also had lots of fun Merengue and Bachata dancing at the reception. We loved that people were able to hear, see, taste and experience a little of our lives here! More than that, our desire was for people to walk away with an understanding of our relationship with Jesus Christ, that they too can experience the same hope and Joy in Christ that we have. Our day was perfect. There were so many people there who have loved and supported us through different stages of life. We are thankful for that and understand that it truly was a once and a life time event. – Chelsie

Chelsie + Eric, to say we are obsessed with your wedding photos is the understatement of the year!! We adore you both, your super sweet love story, and every single detail from your wedding. All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: Tennessee River Place | Florist :: Isbill Floral Gallery | Cake :: JoAnn Whitehead | Caterer :: Clyde Rush | Officiant :: Dr. Jamison Work | Hair Stylist :: Whitney Touchstone | Make-up Artist :: Bree Whaley | Invitations & Programs :: Zazzle | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Target & Modcloth 

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