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Highlights :: Charlie + Sarah’s Wedding at Lydia Mountain Lodge in Stanardsville, VA :: with Isaac

When we ask couples for their love story, 9 times out of 10, the bride gives the account. But today, we have a special treat! Charlie sent us the story on how he met Sarah and it is so sweet…

“Sarah and myself met online and from the start we were kinda inseparable. I say kinda cause she had a safety at the bar when we met. So once she felt like she was ok with me the other dude disappeared into the night. She will tell this completely differently but she does laugh at it, so I believe there’s some truth in it. We were together for a bit before I took a trip to MN to visit some friends, and while gone I realized how much I truly missed her. Over the course of three years we’ve had a series of special moments and they consistently were when we are isolated in the mountains together. We get along famously well, and are truly each others best friends. Whether its been camping with friends in Scottsville, or spending a weekend in Luray(secretly so Sarah can grab her favorite Chia Latte), or going out to skyline drive to hike and just enjoy the QT. We really look forward to time spent together and I expect that’ll be how it’ll be forever.”

Don’t you just love them?! Charlie + Sarah’s wedding was full of southern-rustic charm. Bonfires and horse shoe pits, mason jars and wooden barrels all made up the perfect day for these two. Just like Charlie mentioned, these two were truly best friends and it is totally evident in their photos! Not to mention, Sarah looked so gorgeous in her dress and Charlie’s mustache was exceptional! We could go on forever about these two, but the photos say it all! ENJOY!!

Ceremony + Reception: Lydia Mountain Lodge  | Cake: Albemarle Baking Company | Caterer: Hank’s Smokehouse

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