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Highlights :: Chante + Crystal’s Vinewood Plantation Wedding in Newnan, Ga :: With Greta ::

Today is a pretty special day!  Chante + Crystal were married at Vinewood Plantation in Newnan, Ga and the always wonderful Greta was there to capture every moment. These two beauties met while working together on an Ambulance and became instant friends. Over time this friendship turned into something more and after only one date they both knew instantly that this was it! A love story straight out of a dream, y’all!!  We have been anxiously waiting for this wedding after Chante + Crystal’s dreamy engagement session! Need to refresh your memory? Take a look at all their pretty pictures from that session here!

If words could describe the awesomeness of this wedding we could write a novel!! Chante + Crystal are gorgeous and so in love. They have two of the world’s most adorable children that they absolutely adore. It’s clear that they put a ton of thought into every detail of their wedding day and it is truly a gorgeous sight! We love love the mismatched chairs they used for their ceremony. What a great way to bring a rustic touch to the intimate setting. The moment walking down the aisle after their first kiss as a married couple is one of true happiness!! ::swoon::

The reception following their ceremony is one of the most unique we have ever seen! Pinecone fire starter kits as favors! So cute. Chante + Crystal we are in love with every single photo from your Wedding. Your love is infectious and we definitely caught it!! xoxo

Ceremony/Reception: Vinewood Plantation


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  • February 3, 2015 - 8:26 pm

    Greta - Chante & Crystal, thanks for being awesome!! You were so easy to work with!!!!! Congrats! <3ReplyCancel

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