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Highlights :: Casey + Bryan’s Wedding at Castle Hill Cider at Keswick, VA :: with Kait

At what point did you feel most the joyful on your wedding day  ::  We loved looking around the room and seeing all of our most treasured family and friends having so much fun! We all danced the night away thanks to our awesome band Affirmative Groove!

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that helped make your day special  ::  My Aunt Carol and several other aunts and cousins made all of the pies we served after dinner at our reception. Our guests loved them, it gave our family a tangible way to be involved in our day, it saved us a ton of money and the pies were delicious! We so appreciate the time, effort and logistical planning they put into making and serving the pies!

Casey + Bryan, we adore your sweet wedding photos!! xoxo

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