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Highlights :: Carli + Chris’ Wedding at Riverwood Mansion in Nashville, TN :: with Josie

When did you feel the most joyful on your wedding day  ::  On my wedding day, I felt most joyful just dancing with my friends and looking around the room at all the people that traveled to come join us. Every single person there traveled from out of the state!

Write a note of thanks to anyone that helped make your day special  ::  I want to give a shout out to our parents, especially my mom, who put so much work into making it the most beautiful day and weekend ever. It really was a team effort. Our venue, Riverwood Mansion, was amazing. They took care of everything the day of so I didn’t need to worry about anything; they made the whole night flow very seamlessly.

Carli + Chris, we are majorly obsessed with your amazing wedding photos!! Y’all are the best! All our Love. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Riverwood Mansion | Florist :: Enchanted Florist | Caterer & Cake :: 8 Lavender Lane | Entertainment :: DJ Chris Faulk | Officiant :: Bob Canny | Hair & Make-up :: Marz Makeup and Hair | Transportation :: Anchor Transportations | Wedding Planner :: Kimberly Radford | Bridesmaid Dresses :: David’s Bridal | Groomsmen Attire :: Men’s Wearhouse




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