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Highlights :: Brittni + Justin’s Engagement at The Porter Beer Bar and Lullwater Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Nikki

Brittni + Justin are engaged and we are so happy for them!! B + J have a super sweet proposal story :: Justin proposed at the Porter, after working with the owner to develop a menu for a “Lifetime Special”. His coworker (someone I had never met, so I would never recognize), came and sat in the booth across from us to videotape the event. I was completely surprised, which is nearly impossible, and afterwards all of our friends were waiting at the restaurant next door to celebrate with us.  :: Love it!! And, we adore that they took Nikki to the same Restaurant for some engagement photos! They even brought along the Lifetime Special menu. We are so excited for this sweet couple and can’t wait for their wedding next year! xoxo

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