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Highlights :: Brittany + Robert’s Wedding at St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church and San Antonio Winery in Los Angeles, CA :: with Brittanee

Brittany + Robert’s engagement session at Balboa Park was completely wonderful! Remember that fantastic skirt that Brittany wore?? We definitely do and we just knew that this fashionable couple would blow us away with their wedding too!! And they totally did.

Brittany looked absolutely stunning in her gown and she even had flowers in her hair! Simply gorgeous! B + R had their Catholc Mass at the beautiful St. Vincent De Paul Church in LA with our wonderful photographer Brittanee there to capture all the love! The couple photos that Brittanee got of the newlyweds before heading to their reception are absolutely beautiful!! It’s as if we can feel their love seeping through each photo.

Brittany + Robert, we adore your colorful wedding more than you will ever know!! You are both so special to us and we feel so honored to have played a part in your love story! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony: St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church | Reception: San Antonio Winery | Florist: La Petite Fleur | Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop | Hair & Make-up: Jackie Su  | Invitation & Program: Citlali Creativo

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