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Highlights :: Brittany + Carter’s Wedding at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta, Ga :: with Jen

Brittany + Carter are the sweetest couple ever! Their engagement session with Jen in Piedmont Park was lovely and we’ve been super excited for their big day ever since! It’s just as dreamy as we thought it would be!!

Brittany + Carter knew that they wanted to have their wedding at a warm, inviting venue with great indoor and outdoor space. Callonwolde is just that! Their families were absolutely beaming as they watched B + C say “I do.” We must admit that we are beaming here at OLAS headquarters too! Our amazingly talented photographer, Jen did a fantastic job capturing all the sweetest moments between bride and groom. The couples photos on Callonwolde’s property are amazing times a million!!

For their reception, they headed inside Callonwolde to dance the night away. Brittany + Carter both really wanted their wedding to be a super fun party for their family and friends to gather together and celebrate. We think they did just that. Everyone had a blast. Including us!!

Brittany + Carter, we love you both and adore every single photo!! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony/ Reception: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center | Florist: Dekalb Farmers Market | Cake: Atlanta Cupcake Factory | Caterer: Zest Atlanta | Mike Walsh of Amp’d Atlanta | Officiant: Ed Wilson | Wedding Designer: Allure Bridal | Hair/ Make-up: Van Michaels Midtown | Wedding Planner: Stella Harper Events | Invitation Designer: William Arthur of Paper Source

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