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Highlights :: Bridget + Matthew’s Wedding at Saint Elizabeth Seton Church and Bedford Village Inn in Bedford, NH :: with Bethany

Bridget + Matthew’s sweet wedding photos are truly some of our favorites!! We asked Bridget to tell us the story of how she and Matthew met and it is a super sweet story  ::  Matt and I met on match. com about a year and a half ago. Neither of us were looking for something overwhelmingly serious but it quickly turned into that – taking us both by surprise. We both feel together like we have never felt with someone else.  :: Love, love, love it! When planning her wedding, Bridget envisioned timeless elegance and we think she nailed it. Every single moment was perfect.

Bridget + Matthew, Congrats, y’all!! We love you both so much. xoxo

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Ceremony :: Saint Elizabeth Seton | Reception :: Bedford Village Inn | Florist :: Apotheca | Cake :: Fredrick’s Pastries | DJ :: Get Down Tonight Entertainment | Hair & Makeup :: Wingate Spa 

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