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Highlights :: Becky + John’s Wedding at Southern Bridle Farms in Fort Valley, Ga :: with Stefanie

One word that best describes your wedding day  ::  I believe I said “best day ever” to each person I talked to at the wedding and it truly was the best day ever. 

Favorite detail from your wedding day  ::  Since John really likes pie, my grandmother “Libba”, mother-in-law, mom and aunt got together theThursday before the wedding and made family recipe pie tarts. It was so much fun to have their pies on the dessert table for all of our guests to enjoy! 

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that helped to make your day special  ::  Considering this is my parents third wedding in four years, I can’t thank them enough how much love and effort they were able to put in each and every wedding. Special thanks to my Aunt Paula and Uncle Joel for coming down a week early to help cook, make programs, build signs and make me laugh! I am so thankful to our family, dance moms, and friends for throwing such fun and beautiful showers all year long! To my vendors- you went above and beyond to make the day perfect and I can’t thank you enough! Lastly, I would like to thank my groom for being my biggest cheerleader through a year and a half of planning and listening to my weather updates for four straight weeks. 

Becky + John, we love you both so much!! Your wedding totally was the best day ever! All our Love. xoxo

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Wedding & Reception :: Southern Bridle Farms | Florist :: Petals, Flowers and More | Bride’s Cake :: Amanda’s Cakery | Entertainment :: The Grapevine Band | Officiant :: Dan Underwood | Wedding Dress :: Mori Lee  purchased from Bride Beautiful | Shoes :: Antonio Melani | Transportation :: New Town Macon | Wedding Planner :: Ellen Wyche | Grooms Cake :: Elsie Ty Robinson | Koozie and cups :: MyWeddingStore | Bridesmaid Dresses :: Bari Jay purchased from Bridals by Lori | Groomsmen Attire :: Joseph A. Bank

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