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Highlights :: Averie + Daniel’s Engagement at Whittier Mill Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Jen

Averie + Daniel are the cutest!! We adore their sweet love story  ::  We actually met in college, nursing school to be exact – we’re both RN’s at the moment – and so when we first “met” would have been in 2012 (as our nursing school class was only about 80 students) – the first year we never sat next to each other or talked much- but then one day we were in the library for a group project and clumsy me spilled my coffee every where and there he was, Mr. Prepared, with a stack of napkins in his book bag for some reason. The following semester he started sitting next to me in class – which led to countless lunches, and dinners and hikes where we somewhere along the way realized we were hopelessly in love with each other. The rest is, as they say, history.  :: This story is just so sweet – we can barely stand it!! The couple met up with Jen at Whittier Mill Park, for their engagement session, and the results are the best! Love them both so much. xoxo

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