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Highlights :: Audrey + Chris’ Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta, GA :: with Chad + Tina

Atlanta has probably had a ton of beautiful weddings take place over the years, but none like Audrey + Chris’ wedding at the Four Seasons. There was a romantic elegance woven throughout the day with a dash of fun and silliness. A + C had their ceremony on the rooftop of Four Seasons, which had stunning views of downtown Atlanta. Audrey met Chris under a beautiful Chuppa, designed and provided by her family. Seriously, a priceless moment! Then the reception….Oh my, the exquisite decor with rich colors of purples and reds, candle lights and sparkle. Y’all would have been mesmerized!  But, aside from all the beautifulness of the reception, my absolute favorite detail was Audrey + Chris’ comic book theme. They had subtle touches of comic book elements that added so much of their personality into the day. For example, both of their shoes were covered in comic book drawings. So much fun!  A + C’s wedding was such a stunner and we are so happy for them! Congrats!

Ceremony + Reception: Four Seasons Hotel | Florist: Event Savvy LLC | Cake + Caterer:Four Seasons Hotel | Ceremony Music: Luna Strings | Reception Music: Underground Social Club  | Bride’s Dress: Lazaro – Bridals By Lori | Invitations: The Paper Route | Wedding Planner: Doris Page – Event Savvy LLC  & Tara Kornblum – Bluming Creativity

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  • November 22, 2014 - 2:48 pm

    Nancy Markovich - Absolutely stunning photograph….documenting a perfectly beautiful wedding….starring two beautiful souls united in marriage in a moving ceremony conducted by an incredibly modern Rabbi! Accolades to all who had a part in this never to be forgotten wedding of my special No. 1 Grandson and his beautiful lady love! May God bless both of you throughout eternity! I am looking forward to the coral and pearls that you will bring forth from this union.ReplyCancel

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