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Highlights :: Ashley + Kyle’s Wedding at Newton Chapel of Mercer University and the Blacksmith Shop in Macon, Ga :: with Chad and Tina

Remember this amazing engagement session?? Well, we do and we have been so anxious for Ashley + Kyle to tie the knot ever since!!

Mercer University is Ashley’s alma mater, it makes perfect sense that she and Kyle would choose to have their ceremony at Newton Chapel on the campus of a place that has so many happy memories for the couple. Ashley was a radiant bride and Kyle was a handsome groom. Together they looked so happy and in love. Chad and Tina are spectacular at working together to capture the day in the most wonderful way. Ashley + Kyle’s wedding is no exception!! After their intimate first glance, Ashley + Kyle walked around in downtown Macon from some truly lovely couples photos before heading to their ceremony. We love them all!

For their reception, Ashley + Kyle invited their friends and family over to the super cool Blacksmith Shop to celebrate. Ashley’s first dance with her Dad is one of the sweetest we have ever seen. They both look so happy!! The rest of the night was filled with dancing and a million smiles from their guests!

Ashley + Kyle, you are both so special to us!! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony: Newton Chapel of Mercer University | Reception: Blacksmith Shop | Florist: Petals | Caterer: Kudzu Catering | Entertainment: Rhythm Oil | Officiant: Chris Fuller | Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero from House of Hines | Hair/ Make-up: Signature Salon | Invitation: Magnet Street | Wedding Planner: Lea Domanico | Bridesmaid Dresses: Alexia from House of Hines | Groomsmen Attire: Black by Vera Wang

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