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Highlights :: Ashley + James’ Engagement at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Ga :: with Tyler

Ashley + James are engaged and they are so adorable! This is what Ashley has to say about how they met ::  We met online in 2013! We both come from engineering backgrounds (him at Mercer and me and Georgia Tech) so I think we both put a lot of faith in the algorithm that matches people. I was actually a little fed up with the system when James contacted me on the site (I had only been on it for a few months but it can be exhausting!) and I was interested right away. I felt a difference in his communication from others from the get-go.  :: Love their sweet story! They brought along James’ son for some family shots all together and we are so glad they did! Tyler did a fantastic job capturing the love that they all have for each other. We can’t wait for their wedding. We know it will be an amazing celebration of this lovely couple! xoxo

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