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Highlights :: Ashley + Alan’s Wedding at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, Ga :: with Nikki

Give us one word/ emotion/ feeling/ mental image that would sum up your wedding day  ::  Constant surprise. I’ve never felt so cared for and cared about in my entire life. As the bride. I expected to be  the center of attention but no one prepared me for the overwhelming amount of love and generosity that weddings inspire in friends and family. It still amazes me the number of people who changed their work/vacation schedules, got babysitters or travelled to Atlanta just to be with us on our wedding day. My face muscles were sore the next day from laughing and smiling so much. It makes the day  just be surrounded by all your favorite people for a few hours.

Write a little note of thanks to anyone that really made your day special  ::  I have to throw some serious kudos out to our vendors. Our wedding planner Pat Gardella put us in touch with some great people and I couldn’t be happier with the end result!  Bold American Events pampered us far more than I ever expected and our guests can’t stop raving about the food! I’m still getting questions about the special Twinkies they made. Everyone wants to know how to get some for their next event! The décor (by Arrangements) and our band Chuck Courtenay stole the show though! That guy has about a hundred new fans today. I can’t forget King of Pops. They made our rehearsal dinner! Nothing excites a crowd like their signature rainbow umbrella. By my count each guest had at least two pops each. Now that’s rehearsal dinner success!

Ashley + Alan, you guys are so much fun! We had a great time at your wedding and your photos blow us away. All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: King Plow Arts Center | Florist :: Catherine Walther | Caterer :: Bold American Events | Entertainment :: Chuck Courtenay | Officiant :: Monsignor Henry Gracz | Wedding Dress :: Bel Fiore Bridal | Shoes :: Badgley Mischka | Hair & Make-up :: MakeUp Couture | Wedding Planner :: Patricia Gardella | Reception dress & bridal hairpiece :: BHLDN | Ceremony Music :: David Feschuk | Bridesmaid Dresses :: J Crew

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