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Highlights : Anna + Cody’s Wedding at Saint Mary’s on the Hill Catholic Church and Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, Ga :: with Greta

Anna + Cody have technically known each other since high school but didn’t start dating until years later when Cody started working at the same place as Anna. They have been dating for 3 years and are so excited to start the next chapter of life – together! One of Anna’s main goals, when planning her wedding, was to create an atmosphere¬†of love with her family and friends included in the celebration. Oh, and Anna really wanted a super fun party for her guests as well! We think she nailed it on all accounts. Anna was a stunning bride, Cody made for one handsome groom and together they take our breath away.

Anna + Cody, we adore your elegant wedding photos (and video!!) Thanks for allowing us to document your love. All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony :: Saint Mary’s on the Hill Catholic Church |Reception :: Sacred Heart Cultural Center¬†

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