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Highlights :: Ana Maria + Derek’s Wedding at The Saint Simons Lighthouse and A.W. Jones Heritage Center in Saint Simons Island, GA :: with Kayla

What advice would you give to future brides/grooms for their wedding  ::  Take a moment to slow down and take it all in. Everything happens so fast. Fortunately, we had some people (Kayla!) to help us slow down and really appreciate all the months we spent planning this day. Everything won’t go as planned. Know that already. But learn to let go. Details are important, however, your guest will hardly notice what is missing or what was not finished because they are focusing on you and the general experience. So dance, drink, and enjoy your party! Most importantly, pick the right people in your bridal party. I had two friends and my sisters. These are women I’d stop and do anything for and I knew they would help me with whatever I needed. They help calm me and center me on my wedding day. I couldn’t thank them enough for that. 

Tell us something interesting about your wedding  ::  The venue meant so much to our family. Derek and Taylor proposed to me in Saint Simons and the lighthouse is such a special landmark. I’m looking forward to bringing generations and sharing that story with them for years to come! And a venue where my dogs are allowed to partake made it complete! My furbabies are family. Our officiant, Tyler, is a really awesome friend of ours. We were his first wedding but you’d never know it. Derek was nervous about writing his own vows and he really helped focus his emotions and also really personalize our ceremony. I also loved being able to incorporate the Coin, Veil, and Cord (Filipino Wedding Traditions). My mom made my veil and put all the items we needed together, so it meant the world to have her touch. These are items that I hope becomes heirloom pieces one day.

Ana Maria + Derek, we love your wedding photos!! Congrats. xoxo

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