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Highlights :: Amy + Dave’s Wedding at The Columns at Six Penny Farm in McGaheysville, VA :: with Kait

Amy + Dave are so sweet and we adore their wedding photos! We asked Amy how she met her sweetie and this is what she said  ::  Absolutely bizarre and unexpected but we met on Tinder! We’ve been a couple basically since meeting. We have tons in common but have different interests to keep us both busy. Dave is incredibly thoughtful and does whatever he can to keep my life stress free and happy.  :: Now, that’s what we call an internet success! We sent our incredible Virginia photographer, Kait, to The Columns at Six Penny Farm to document this amazing couple on their wedding day. The results are perfection!! Looking through these photos, it is absolutely clear that Amy + Dave are completely smitten with each other. Their sweet smiles say it all! 

Amy + Dave, we love you both and are honored to have been a part of your wonderful celebration! All our Love. xoxo

Ceremony & Reception :: The Columns at Six Penny Farm | Florist :: D’s Events | Cake :: Cakes by Cathy | Caterer :: Eric Stamer Catering | Wedding Dress :: Mint Bridal | Hair & Make-up :: The Studio | Invitation & Programs :: New and Blue

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