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Highlights :: Amanda + Trey’s Wedding on St. Simons Island, GA :: with Shain

Amanda + Trey’s wedding photos take our breath away!! Here is the story of how these two loves met  ::  We both lived in Midtown Atlanta for several years near Piedmont Park. At the time we met, we were each living in separate 1 bedroom apartments. We were both outside with our dogs in the parking lot when we first met. Montana was the first to greet Amanda and Charlie. Amanda quickly warned Trey to be careful because Charlie can be protective around guys. Trey laughed and asked if Amanda was referring to dogs or men. Amanda told him men and Trey stayed beyond the length of the leash! After the first encounter, we ran into each other coming and going several times like most neighbors do. Amanda was forming a kickball team and asked Trey if he would be interested in joining. Turns out he was not only interested in joining the kickball team but was also interested in Amanda!! The rest was history, we pretty much spent a lot of time together running around Midtown and enjoying the park with our dogs (after Charlie warmed up to Trey!)  ::  The cutest story ever!!

Amanda + Trey, we love love love your wedding photos!! Congrats, y’all. xoxo

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Ceremony & Reception :: Gascoigne Bluff, St Simons Island  | Florist :: Cottage Flowers | Cake :: Serendipity Bakery | Catering :: Halyards Catering | DJ :: Owen Plant | Hair & Makeup :: Emma Collins Beauty





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